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When you want to open your eyes in the morning to a whole different continent, when the undiscovered far places called, when the curiosity kicks, and when you want to live the freedom of not having to decide until that last moment, when you don’t want to deal with visa procedures, when your inner animal lover comes out, when you want to go safari, when you want to be in a warm place with its people and weather, South Africa is one of the most unique destinations you can travel.

Observing the wild life with safari, entertainment, delicious, food, one of the finest wines of the world, leisure, several and interesting activities. South Africa journey cant fit into 3-5 days. Everyday full movement, different places, people and activites.

In Boulder beach, having a time with penguins or even swimming with them. Watching seals on Seal Island. Located above 1860 meters sea level, with 1470 different plant species, Masa Mountain, offers an amazing landscape of Cape Town. The place where Indian sea and Atlantic Ocean comes together, the bottom of the world, Cape of Good hope. Built later and became one of the most beautiful tourism complexes of the world, SunCity, the lost city, is a autonomous area. This area has casinos and gambling is legal here. Europe of Africa, Cape Town, so beautiful, even the best coastal cities in Europe and America envy.
A precious part of this black continent, rich in precious minerals like gold, diamond and platinum, is South Africa.

Africa, the home of 52 countries, is the oldest and biggest land on earth. South Africa is located on the South. The country has a population 52 millions, 72 percent of which are black and 26 percent are caucasian. Biggest caucasian population lives in Cape Town. The country has three capitals. Pretoria (executive), Blomfontein (jurisdiction), Cape Town. (legislative) One fourth of the population is said by the officals to have AIDS. For a long while, black people hadn’t right to vote. Mandela was in prison until 1990-91, total of 27 years. After getting out of prison, the first election that he was a candidate, in 1994, made him the president. After that, the country started to grow rapidly. Football is not very popular in this country. Rugby and cricket are as popular as football is in Turkey. There are 11 spoken language in the country. English and Afrikaner are the main ones.

The currency is rand. 1 Turkish Lira is 4,3 Rand. It can’t be called as an expensive country. Food culture is very rich. With 13 million cattles and two oceans, this is expected. The country at the moment uses its third flag. Mercedes’ all of right-hand driver cars are manufactured and sent to the world from here.


Johannesburg is known as the first place that gold mines are found. Before 150 years, there was nothing to be found. When the gold mines discovered, the city started to grow. The city still is cosmopolitan. It also has a serious security issue. Johannesburg has the highest crime rate in the world. The city still suffers from the period of racial segregation, which is called “apartheid”. Blacks and caucasians live in different zones. Blacks are poor as much as whites are rich. All white people living in the city had their houses protected with live wires and alarm systems. They can’t walk on the street on their own. All whites have their own car to do their transportation. Security is provided by private companies. Almost 4 million people in the town, live in shanty settlements and houses, in very bad conditions. Mandela’s house is also one of them. Johannesburg brings people from every corner of the world. This polyphony and multiculturalism creates a high energy that creates a vibrant and lively atmosphere.


Sun City was built as an autonomous area. It was destructed by a natural disaster. The city, has three big hotels, is also known as the lost city. The area is famous for its casinos and nightlife. People drive here to gamble. Gambling is legal. You can call here Little Las Vegas. In the town, there’s a bridge where everyday man-made earthquake is happening with a wave pool at noon. Also a large artificial lake and a crocodile farm.

Cape Town

Legislative capital of South Africa, Cape Town is one of the most touristic cities of the country, also is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Natural form of the city’s mountains is one of the six unique flora kingdoms in the world. This kingdom of flora, was registered as UNESCO heritage site in 2004, contains 9000 different species and half of the number is unique to this area.

Southern Hemisphere Wines

Housing the heaven on earth thanks to its flora and nature, Cape Town, has an advantage of soil structure and location (southern hemisphere) to grow high quality grape. Thanks to these conditions to grow the perfect grape, the city has a well deserved fame for its wine. Only half an hour away from the town, Stallenbosch is a place to taste wines, touring wine cellars and stopping over boutique hotels. The place also has large-scaled vineyards. Amazing vineyards, gardens and valleys ecstasizes your mind.

Table Mountain

Most touristic mountain in the city is, with its top part is flat almost like cut by a blade, is table formed, Table Mountain. Table Mountain is 1860 meters above sea level. There are 1470 different plant species on the mountain. Seventy percent of the plants are endemic. In nice weathers, you can come here to ride cable car and watch the landscape of cardpostals in bird’s eye’s view. Table Mountain is one of the new 7 wonders of the world.

As you arrive on Boulders Beach, you come across to a surprising landscape. Cute penguins are walking on the beach. During years of 1984-85, a couple of penguins ran off the rails and by chance came here. They then start to breed here on Boulders Beach. Today, they are high on number and living here.

On Seal Island, there are cute seals and sea lions.


Kruger National Park is located in South Africa and it’s one of the best wild life zones in the world. With the land of 18,989 km2, it’s one of the biggest national parks in the world. Being protected since 1898, the park was registered officially as national park in 1926. It’s a home to more than 500 bird species, 100 reptiles and almost 150 mammals. Archeologic sites have surprisingly high variety of trees and flowers. This is South Africa’s most important national park.

Lesedi Cultural Village

Lesedi Cultural Village is a place to see black tribes of South Africa, as they live, dance, do their traditions. As the tour starts, with a video presentation, the history of black cultures are introduced. Later, in small groups zones revealing the lifestyles of Zulu-Xhosa-Bosotho and Pedi tribes, are being entered. As a nice alternative, cultural african dances are presented later. Lesedi Cultural Village also offers different flavours of African cuisine.


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